Michael, is the son of Robert Fisse, President of Natural Choice Farms.

It all started back in 1944, when my grandfather, Joseph Fisse completed his service in the US Navy. He then began working in New York City’s Meat Packing District unloading fresh meat from freight trains. My grandfather continued his career in the meat industry by advancing into sales, sales management and eventually managing a wholesale meat distributorship. In 1982, my father and grandfather partnered to open a local meat distribution company on Long Island, New York.

In 1994, in addition to managing the distribution company, my father started Natural Choice Farms to manufacture sausage. He was one of the initial developers of retailing fresh “Chicken Sausage” in the United States. Using an innovative modified atmosphere packaging machine (“MAP”) enabled the product to have an extended shelf life. Additional products like chicken burgers and precooked marinated chicken boneless skinless breast were added to the line.

In 2002, we expanded into other areas of the meat industry through trading, using the close relationships he developed over the years. The trading company “Natural Choice Farms” was born. My father had a vision of building the trading company into a nationwide business.

Eventually, I started Natural Choice International, which bridges the gap of International trade. NCI is built on the framework of 34 years of knowledge, relationships and experience. I look forward to providing outstanding products and customer service to the International market.