NCI's main goal is to provide our suppliers and customers with an exceptional
level of service.

It all begins with supply. We value each and every relationship we have with all of our 120+ vendors throughout the U.S. and overseas. Many of them count on us to move their product each and every day.

All of our suppliers know our capabilities and what we have to offer. Beyond moving high volumes of product and delivering professional, interpersonal customer service, we understand the importance of payment terms and guidelines.

We are trusted by our clients for our skill and experience in managing the transportation of large and complex shipments of tightly controlled agricultural products. NCI provides customers with maximum liquidity while minimizing inventory requirements.

Logistics and the right products at the right price. Our customers benefit from our experience in global supply chain management to insure that each customer’s delivery requirements are achieved as contracted.

NCI delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to the global producing and processing communities, enabling each to focus on their respective core competencies and maximize their capital investments.

We provide buyers with global market access with current market information and pricing. We deliver fast and efficient logistics confirmation and provide fast and on-time purchase decisions.